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Branding design for an ASMRtist's concert campaign. I've found that listening to ASMR relaxes my body, turning it into almost a liquid state, like smooth flowing water. Inspired by that tingly feeling one feels down their back while listening to ASMR, I incorporated loose fluidity into the visual language of the brand through layered liquid imagery and watery distortion. 


Sound On is a concept for a new kind of festival: the first-ever ASMR live concert. With a lineup of prolific ASMRtists from YouTube and Spotify, this sensory experience is filled with relaxing tingles and oddly satisfying triggers that will make people want to turn their sound on.



The logo takes the relaxing tingles one feels down their spine when listening to ASMR, and visualizes them as fluidlike forms. This is seen in the liquid type in the wordmark and a liquid ear with an incorporated "S" in the logomark.


Halogen is a modern typeface to match the modern art form of ASMR. The sci-fi sleekness is a nice complement to the fluidity of the logo and liquid elements.