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My personal manifesto is a poem that I wrote that encompasses my values, personality, and design philosophy, which I designed into a double-sided poster.

Juxtaposition is my brand because mediocrity is a bore.

I’m an intersectional Madonna and also a chink-dyke-Whore.

I sometimes feel Korean, but I’m American through and through.

I sometimes have a softie side, but I'm sharp and assertive too.

My interests are a duality that make my being complex.

One minute I’m classical and analog, then modern and digital in the next.

I can be quite poetic, but my pragmatism can be blunt.

I believe that all good statements should be said right upfront.

The roles of polite passivity were never to my palette.

I’m all about action, inspiring change. Go on, cast your ballot.

I’m not diplomatic if it gets in the way of progress.

To embrace change with open arms is the first step towards success.

I believe in design and science that use efficiency as their basis.

Investing in compassion and education to avoid stasis.

Sure, change is painful, but stagnation makes me gag.

Conventionalism is an agonizingly slower death than jet lag.

I create organization because chaos is my kryptonite.

I crave equality and sustainability- it’s quite a hefty appetite.

I’m an avid minimalist, user-friendly and bold.

The message is clear and entertaining in the concise way that it’s told.

I use surrealism and irony to keep things witty and clever.

In hopes of bringing attention to my rather ambitious endeavor.

This is what I stand for. Sorry, not sorry, I’m just keeping it real.

It might not be to your taste, but it’s my fucking ideal.

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