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Dear Creative Human, Welcome to our group! 

This is a way to break out of your endless boring loop.

Congrats on taking your first step by opening this box.

The prize inside is for everyone, so there’s no need for locks.

Inside this box is a treasure trove of art, as you can see.

Take or leave whatever you want- everything is free!

Art Post is your friendly neighborhood local art exchange.

Where your wonderful limitless creativity spans a wide range.

Give or take a piece of art, whatever it may be-

A drawing, poem, painting, graphic design, or even photography.

We want to curate community growth through the sharing of your art.

But here is a list of our rules for you to read before you start:

You may post your creative work as long as it fits inside.

Hate speech, food, or liquid, are not welcome or justified.

We also do not tolerate false or harmful information.

We’re not here to cause fear, anxiety, or agitation.

Art Post is an analog way of sharing positivity.

Nostalgia for the slow-paced days of carefree tranquility.

A way to take a break from screens that make your eyes sore.

A way to take a breath and spend some time in the fresh air outdoors.

Endless digital content can make you feel isolated and bored.

Art Post is a fun and active way to have your mental health restored.

If you’d like to set up your own Art Post, here’s what you can do:

Register your address at so others know where to find you.

You can order the pieces of the box from us or you can make your own.

Then set it up in your front yard or any other personal zone.

We’re more than just a box of mail- we’re a chest of jewels.

We’re a mystery box, an imaginative trunk of inspirational tools.

We hope that you will join us, from the bottom of our hearts.

We can’t wait to see what you create. So go ahead and post some art.

A visual identity system for Art Post, a group that promotes local art exchanges in the form of personalized postage boxes in participants' front yards.